The Garden

In many ways, the garden represents the essence of what we are aiming to achieve here at Marceau. Working in the garden gives us an opportunity to reconnect with the land and with each other. Our permaculture garden is about creating a sustainable source of organic produce so that we can slowly work towards becoming as self-sufficient as possible. 

We are learning as we go and constantly experimenting but, already, much of what we cook and eat comes from our garden. Our shared love of working with nature, using low impact methods, to grow vegetables, herbs and fruits is combined with our love of cooking healthy, organic food for ourselves and our guests.

All visitors are welcome to spend time in the garden and enjoy planting, weeding and harvesting. We love connecting with the land and other people in this way. Whether you don’t know the difference between a weed and a herb or you have a PhD in permaculture - you are all welcome in the garden.

The Kitchen and Meals

We have a laid back approach to cooking and eating and we enjoy sharing meals with visitors. We also know that many of our guests enjoy doing their own thing. With this in mind, we have built a large communal kitchen which you can treat as your own during your stay. There is storage space and refrigeration as well as a large stove top and oven. All we ask is that you share responsibility for keeping it clean and tidy.


All visitors are welcome to use the communal kitchen to cook your own breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks and use the facilities to prepare picnic lunches for eating out. You can help yourselves to teas or coffee any time.

If you prefer, there is always the option of dining with us. Most days there will be an evening meal prepared with fresh produce from the garden and other local, organic ingredients. It’s an opportunity to relax and share a meal with other guests. If you’ve spent time in the garden, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour!