Accomodation and Facilities

The accommodation we offer is simple but beautiful. We have taken care to ensure that whichever accommodation you choose, you will feel close to nature and have space and privacy while at the same time having the possibility to feel part of a small community if you wish to.

None of our accommodation options have private bathrooms.


We have deliberately limited the number of camping pitches so that you can have space and privacy to sleep, relax and be yourselves. You're welcome to bring a tent or small campervan/caravan. 

€12,5 per person per day



The Tiny House

Our beautiful Tiny House was once the bread oven that serviced the residents of the farm and the local village of Gorses. The Tiny House has been lovingly converted into a comfortable living space. Downstairs is a small kitchenette, dining/living space, and a wood-burning stove. On a mezzanine floor is a double bed with plenty of headroom. Outside you have your own small terraced garden area where you can relax and enjoy the wonderful views over the valley. The Tiny House is suitable for an individual visitor or two people happy to share a double bed.

90s Retro Caravan

Our comfortable and homely caravan is in excellent condition and suitable for one or two visitors. It is situated in a secluded spot near the edge of the property and boasts magnificent sunset views as well as privacy.


The Underdwelling

With stunning views over the garden and across the valley, this accommodation offers a double bed, and a pellet-stove and maybe one of the best views on the property. (no pictures yet)


We have worked hard to create shared facilities that allow us to live in such a way that we are close to nature and our impact on the earth is minimal. 

With the environment in mind, we have clean and comfortable compost toilet buildings and showers. There is a covered outdoor washing area and space to dry laundry.

We ask that you use only organic biodegradable toiletries and laundry products during your stay as the land is also home to Fire Salamders who can only be here if we take care not to pollute the water in any way.

In the barn, you can use the communal kitchen facilities and enjoy communal meals or eat alone. There is an outdoor BBQ area and plenty of outdoor seating. In the cooler months, you can enjoy relaxing in front of the shared woodstove in our communal living area.

If you want to bring pets, talk to us in advance and we’ll see what we can accommodate. We have cats and chickens living here.

There is no WIFI here! However, we have good 4G connection most of the time.