Options for Your Stay

Life and community here is constantly evolving and developing and 2020 has magnified that sense of constant flux as well as a real need for places like Marceau. It really is a place where visitors can rejuvenate and take some respite from the challenges life holds for us all right now. For some, Marceau offers time and space to take stock of their life’s trajectory and reconnect with nature and a simple way of living.

While we predominantly host short term visitors during the summer months, we currently have guests staying in the Tiny House and the Caravan for longer durations this fall and winter. You can read what they have to say here.

For out of season, or longer term visitors, we are open to exchanging in currencies other than money and open to welcoming individuals who offer time and skills and knowledge rather than hard cash. However, we are not open to becoming a community that welcomes anyone and everyone at any time. With longer term visitors we put careful consideration into existing community needs and to our capacity to offer space to individuals at any time.


Any arrangements would have to be agreed through an application process including open conversations and discussions - either in real life or via Zoom!