Vivre a Marceau...

Vivre a Marceau is a journey, a work in progress. We are located in a remote and beautiful area of The Lot (southern France). This journey is not just about the renovation of an old farmhouse or the development of permaculture gardening or ecological and sustainable living. This is a living journey involving a continually evolving vision and process in this ever changing global landscape. We care a lot about deepening our relationship with the natural world and value a reverence for nature and interconnectedness. We also care about not taking life too seriously, going with the flow and having fun. Life here is about nature, simplicity and tranquility.

At the heart of what we do here is a commitment to offering a space for rest and renewal where all kinds of visitors can come for all kinds of reasons. 

Some pass through, camping for a few days, exploring the area, swimming in the lake and enjoying a barbeque and beer and the company of other guests. Some stay longer, looking for a place of personal retreat and taking time out from their regular worlds, enjoying solitude and nature. And some visitors stay longer still, engaging with small scale community life and contributing in some way to the day to day life here.

We strive to offer an environment where you can take what you need whether it’s a holiday, a retreat, a chance to engage with likeminded people or to share your skills with others. All visitors are welcome to participate by helping in the vegetable garden and learn (or share your own knowledge) about perma-culture and ecological living. If you’re interested in cooking and eating local, organic produce - help is always welcome in the kitchen. Many of our guests enjoy harvesting vegetables in the garden and then preparing a meal for themselves and other guests.

During the summer months, we offer some events including BBQ evenings, daily meditation sessions and walks in the local area. On cooler evenings you can join in a communal bonfire. In autumn and winter evenings we offer occasional movie nights and share a warm fire indoors.

We have a variety of accommodation options for different requirements and budgets. We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your stay.

If you are arriving by public transport or BlaBla Car, we can help you get here and explore the area during your stay.